Swiss Energy® By Dr. Frei

Swiss Energy®'s main products are nutrition and health care products, and it creates different nutrition and health care products for different ages, genders and other needs. Its production facilities are located in Switzerland and Europe, and at the same time, it tries its best to ensure the highest standard of product quality. Swiss Energy® has a long history of success, using state-of-the-art science and time-tested techniques to combine different formulations to create a variety of products with different benefits.

Over the years, Swiss Energy® has carefully selected various formulas and refined them to achieve the best results. The numerous certificates and certificates awarded by Swiss Energy® endorse the excellence, quality and safety of its products.

Swiss Energy® guarantees that the production process complies with all necessary international standard requirements including Swiss Medic, Bio Suisse, Organic/BIO, GMP, Haccp, ISO 22000 and other certificates.


Dentissimo® Professional Oral Care is a premium brand in the field of oral care. In order to meet the needs of consumers for the combination of natural ingredients and bionic technology, innovative formulas have been developed to produce high-quality and natural mouth care products.

Dentissimo® Professional Oral Care uses high-quality raw materials, coupled with exquisite taste and unique design, to bring a truly unique toothpaste series, and its gold and diamond powder series are more innovative and popular.

The action of Dentissimo® products is based on the unique Regera-Pro complex: regenerates, repairs, remineralizes. Make oral care more effective.


When PureBites was born in 2005, other brands of cat and dog treats on the market were full of artificial ingredients and preservatives. PureBites thinks pet parents will love buying healthy, nutritious treats for their furkids. Introduced PureBites to owners in 2006 with the introduction of the first single-ingredient PureBites 100% Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Snacks, followed by the very popular PureBites 100% Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Snacks.

Currently, there are more than 4,000 PureBites branches located in the United States and Canada. They are mainly sold in large supermarkets or chain stores. For details, please visit the website: https://PUREBITES.COM/STORE-LOCATOR/

Biologic Vet®

BiologicVet® is an organic pet health supplement based on vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal extracts and amino acids, designed to maximize the dietary nutrition of cats and dogs.

The ingredients were formulated for furkids in collaboration with nutritional biochemists and veterinarians, especially for furkids who do not respond well to standard veterinary medical treatments. BiologicVet® is committed to producing safe and effective products, upholding high quality standards, that parents with furkids can use with confidence.

BiologicVet® is certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) in the United States and Veterinary Health Products (VHP) in Canada. Raw material suppliers are selected through a strict review process. Manufactured to human-quality specifications at our Linden, Washington facility, and our parent company, Flora, is Canada's top producer of health supplements.


The philosophy of Salus - coexistence with nature.

The Latin word "Salus" means health, happiness, prosperity. This is also the philosophy of Dr. Otto Greither, founder of SALUS Haus.

100 years of experience in manufacturing and producing all-natural vitamin and mineral supplements.

Lemon Pharma

Lemon Pharma's team is dedicated to developing and improving user-friendly healthcare products. Because their goal is to provide customers with the best innovative products. To this end, they always strive to exceed customer expectations. They try to redesign traditional natural products, new medicaments and trends of the day, without forgetting functional and aesthetic design.

Their employees are dedicated to the wellness industry with a strong team spirit and great commitment. Through their products, they create more happiness, balance and support for people's daily life.


With 125 years of experience, using pure natural methods to protect the body and skin from the harm caused by chemicals and preservatives. Through Father Kneipp's understanding of vegetable oils and essential oils, Kneipp understands the needs and mood of the public, and uses products to enable the public to live in a natural, relaxed and comfortable way.


Founded more than 50 years ago by René Haussin in northern France, the Super Diet laboratory develops food supplements based on plants and natural products. The brand offers a wide range of drinkable ampoules, organic tablets, organic capsules developed using advanced manufacturing processes. Such high levels of manufacturing allow Super Diet to guarantee the origin, specification and quality of the products used in the ingredients of their food supplements.

In addition, the brand is also involved in the organic industry, which is why the plants and natural products used mainly come from organic farming. Our flagship brand dietary supplements such as Super Diet Fat Burner, Super Diet Melatonin, Super Diet Black Radish for Weight Loss.