Swiss Energy® - Swiss Children's Calcium and Vitamin Water Soluble Tablets 20 Tablets Best before: End of January 2024

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Swiss Energy Children's Calcium Vitamin Water Soluble Tablets


. strawberry flavor
Contains all vitamins and minerals needed for children's growth and development, among which vitamin D3 is especially important for children's calcium supplementation, normal development of teeth and bones
When taking effervescent tablets, the nutrients have been dissolved in warm water. After taking them, they are directly absorbed by the intestinal wall. The absorption speed is fast and the efficiency is extremely high.
Sugar-free formula, good for children's dental health, no worries about tooth decay

Nutrients per tablet:

Calcium 200 mg Vitamin C 60 mg Niacin (NE) 14.5 mg Vitamin B 59 mg Vitamin E (a-TE) 6.7 mg Vitamin B 22 mg Vitamin B1 1.25 mg Vitamin B6 1.2 mg Vitamin A (RE) 270 μg Micrograms Vitamin D3 2.3 micrograms Vitamin B120.5 micrograms

The product has 9 world professional certifications including:

. Swiss medical certification
. Swiss biometric certification
. Organic/Bio Certification
. British BRC certification
. European iFS certification
. ISO22000 certificate

Made in SwitzerlandMade in Switzerland

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