Salus - Calcium Magnesium Zinc Herbal Supplement 250ml


Calcium and magnesium are very important for bone health, however, the absorption of these minerals is generally uneven. They absorb calcium in a much higher ratio than magnesium, which affects the absorption and function of substances, weakens bones and causes excessive calcification in the body.

Ingredients include:

  • Water Soluble Extracts (50%): Hibiscus Flower, Chamomile Flower, Fennel, Spinach, Fructose Syrup.
  • Fruit Concentrate Blend (12%): Orange, Water, Mango, Grape, Carob Extract, Apple, Lemon.
  • Magnesium gluconate, calcium gluconate, magnesium citrate, calcium lactate, thickener: locust seed powder, zinc citrate, natural flavor, vitamin D (as cholecalciferol).