Dentissimo - Natural Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste 75ml


Dentissimo Brightening Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Swiss brand. made in Italy

Ideal for smokers, for you who love tea and coffee!

The new leader in toothpaste whitening Make your teeth shine with Dentissimo®, a brightening active toothpaste that effectively and safely whitens tooth enamel and polishes teeth to leave them sparkling. An innovative combination of natural active ingredients helps strengthen tooth enamel with unique anti-cavity properties to prevent plaque build-up.

Activated charcoal is 100% natural vegetable charcoal. It absorbs odors, inhibits the growth of bacteria and creates fresh breath, effectively protects tooth enamel from tartar formation and normalizes the pH of saliva.

Dentissimo® Black toothpaste gives you long-lasting care and keeps your breath fresh and pleasant.

Regera-PRO Complex tooth regeneration formula (developed by internationally renowned dentist Dr Michael Meier)

Toothpaste contains many active ingredients

Activated charcoal removes plaque and toxins that cause bad breath, removes stains on teeth by adsorption, effectively whitens and polishes tooth enamel

Xylitol helps to speed up the absorption of minerals into tooth enamel, which helps prevent the formation of cavities and prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms

Fluoride helps reverse the early stages of tooth decay Makes teeth stronger and more resistant to caries Protects tooth enamel

Vitamin E
Helps maintain the tension of mucous membranes and gum tissue. Helps reduce inflammation caused by bacteria, which can minimize the progression of gingivitis to periodontal disease

Hydrated silica polishes and scrubs the surface of enamel to provide a soft, non-abrasive clean for highly efficient natural white tooth restoration

certified vegetarian

Medpack Swiss Group (now Global Swiss Group) holds a certificate of registration from the British Vegetarian Society. This is to certify that Dentissiom® Advanced Oral Care Toothpaste is vegan.

The main quality criteria of the Vegan Society License Agreement are:
No Animal Ingredients No Animal Testing

The registered territories are the European Union, Canada, Australia, India and the United States.

About Dentissimo®

Dentissimo®, a professional oral care brand from Switzerland, has been focusing on the development of high-quality oral care products for many years. It is managed by internationally renowned dentist Dr. Michael Meier. Through active ingredients and the well-designed Regera-PRO Complex tooth regeneration formula, it provides consumers with Providers with better and more professional options.

The development of Dentissimo® formula incorporates the latest research in the field of oral and dental care, especially according to the needs of different people, bringing targeted and high-efficiency products, such as pregnant women series, children's series, vegan series, etc.

Alps +Vital is the general agent of Dentissimo in Hong Kong and Greater China