Dentissimo - (9 in 1) Pregnancy Protective Toothpaste 75ml

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Dentissimo Pregnancy Protective Toothpaste - Ideal During Pregnancy and Baby Nursing

Swiss brand. made in Italy

The new formula of Dentissimo® toothpaste is specially designed for mothers during pregnancy and baby nursing, and can effectively relieve the nausea feeling of pregnancy cramps.

The most important ingredient for pregnant women: folic acid

One of the main ingredients in this toothpaste gel is vitamin B9 (folic acid). It is involved in the synthesis of DNA and hemoglobin metabolic processes and the maintenance of the immune system. Folic acid is important for pregnant women, affecting the formation of the fetal spine and placenta, preventing the development of its defects. In addition, the presence of vitamin B9 in toothpaste helps reduce the risk of gingivitis, stomatitis and other oral discomfort problems.

Mineral Balance During Pregnancy

Calcium is important for both you and your growing baby. Babies need it to grow strong, healthy bones, teeth, nerves, heart and muscles, and to develop normal heart rhythm and blood clotting.

Insufficient calcium intake can lead to inflammation of the periodontal tissue and damage to the gum epithelium. Consequently, these conditions lead to loss of alveolar bone and further worsen the symptoms of periodontal disease. Using toothpaste with calcium and hydroxyapatite will help replenish the mineral balance of tooth enamel. It will provide the necessary opportunity to prevent the development of dental caries at an early stage

Regera-PRO Complex tooth regeneration formula (developed by internationally renowned dentist Dr Michael Meier)

certified vegetarian

Medpack Swiss Group (now Global Swiss Group) holds a certificate of registration from the British Vegetarian Society. This is to certify that Dentissiom® Advanced Oral Care Toothpaste is vegan.

The main quality criteria of the Vegan Society License Agreement are:
No Animal Ingredients No Animal Testing

The registered territories are the European Union, Canada, Australia, India and the United States.


. Swiss brand, made in Italy, Swiss precision quality control
9 in 1 guard
prevent tooth decay
Relieve pregnancy pain
Enhances enamel mineral composition
Maintain healthy flora in the mouth
Strengthen gum
reduce tooth sensitivity
Disinfection and whitening
tartar removal
fresh breath

Rich in natural ingredients

Xylitol xylitol, folic acid, potassium chloride potassium chloride, calcium lactate, calcium glycerophosphate, calendula extracts calendula extracts, geranium extracts geranium extracts, vitamin B5 vitamin B5, hydroxyapatite hydroxyapatite , fluoride free, SLS sodium lauryl sulfate free


It is recommended to brush your teeth 2 times a day to keep your mouth clean
Rinse your mouth with water after brushing your teeth, do not swallow
Please use within the recommended date, please refer to the instructions on the package for the date of use

About Dentissimo®

Dentissimo®, a professional oral care brand from Switzerland, has been focusing on the development of high-quality oral care products for many years. It is managed by internationally renowned dentist Dr. Michael Meier. Through active ingredients and the well-designed Regera-PRO Complex tooth regeneration formula, it provides consumers with Providers with better and more professional options.

The development of Dentissimo® formula incorporates the latest research in the field of oral and dental care, especially according to the needs of different people, bringing targeted and high-efficiency products, such as pregnant women series, children's series, vegan series, etc.

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