Dentissimo - Fresh Breath Mouthwash 250ml


Dentissimo® Fresh Breath Mouthwash

Neutralizes bad breath with special technology, protects teeth and gums, and promotes fresh breath.
And it has antiseptic, anti-caries and soothing toothache effects. Organic fragrance ingredients deliver long-lasting freshness.
Geranium Maculatum has astringent, hemostatic properties and contributes to the cell renewal of the oral mucosa.
Zinc chloride penetrates well into the oral mucosal layer, helping to counteract the gradual build-up of bacterial plaque between the teeth and gums and has an effective anti-tartar preventive effect.
Hexetidine successfully helps control bad breath.
Elettaria Cardamomum Oil is known for its aromatic and refreshing properties, while Peppermint Oil helps keep breath fresh for longer.

Neutralizes unpleasant odors
Smoking, tea/coffee drinkers only
Protect teeth and gums
Won't stain your teeth


• Rinse 20ml for 30 seconds after brushing your teeth daily without dilution.
•Do not swallow.

About Dentissimo®

Dentissimo®, a professional oral care brand from Switzerland, has been focusing on the development of high-quality oral care products for many years. It is managed by internationally renowned dentist Dr. Michael Meier. Through active ingredients and the well-designed Regera-PRO Complex tooth regeneration formula, it provides consumers with Providers with better and more professional options.

The development of Dentissimo® formula incorporates the latest research in the field of oral and dental care, especially according to the needs of different people, bringing targeted and high-efficiency products, such as pregnant women series, children's series, vegan series, etc.