Dr. Frei - Lutein + Multivitamin Mineral Water Soluble Tablets 20 Tablets Expiration Date: End of May 2023

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• Lutein known to improve vision
• One tablet a day supports the normal functioning of all aspects of the body and boosts the vitality of the immune system
• Contains essential vitamins and minerals
• Complex vitamins, lutein; orange, lemon, peach mixed flavor

Each tablet contains
Vitamin A 800mg, Vitamin B1 1.4mg, Vitamin B2 2.97mg, Vitamin PP 18mg, Vitamin B5 6mg, Vitamin B6 2mg, Vitamin B9 200mg, Vitamin B12 1mg, Vitamin C 60mg, Vitamin D3 5mg, Vitamin H 150 micrograms, vitamin E 10 mg, manganese 0.4 mg, chromium 25 micrograms, molybdenum 25 micrograms, potassium 5 mg, iodine 100 micrograms, selenium 30 micrograms, vitamin K1 30 micrograms, lutein 50 micrograms, calcium 160 mg, magnesium 60mg, Iron 10mg, Zinc 5mg, Copper 0.5mg

Packaging & Production Country: Bulgaria

Best before date: end of May 2023