Kneipp - Evening Primrose Body Lotion 200ml

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The body lotion is especially rich in a variety of precious natural nourishing ingredients and plant base oil ingredients, which have a high content of essential fatty acids, evening primrose oil that soothes the skin, sweet almond oil that is highly skin-friendly, and an important moisturizing element-uric acid , Protect your skin from dryness and peeling! This body lotion is enhanced with vitamin E for cell protection and panthenol (provitamin B5) for skin calming. Evening primrose oil, extracted from evening primrose seeds, is rich in very high-value gamma-linolenic acid, which is especially suitable for caring for your delicate skin.

Ingredients Contain: Water, Urea, Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cetyl Alcohol, Provitamin B5, Isoamyl Laurate, Glyceryl Stearate, Avocado Oil, Sodium Lactate, Vegetable Sterols, Olive Oil, Bisabolol, Rosemary Leaf Extract

How to use: Apply to skin, preferably after shower or bath, then massage gently until fully absorbed