PureBites - Freeze Dried Sheep Liver Dog Treats for Training/Puppy 68g

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PureBites - Freeze Dried Sheep Liver Dog Snacks for Training/Puppy

•100% pure New Zealand fresh human food grade lamb liver •Freeze-dried in the United States, original export •Especially suitable for training dogs and small dogs •100% natural, pure and easy to digest, no preservatives added •Average per serving 1 calorie and high in protein • 68g freeze-dried goat liver mini dog snacks are made from 218g fresh goat liver freeze-dried, each bag has an average of 250 pieces of freeze-dried goat liver

Mini-PureBites Training/Puppy Freeze Dried Lamb Liver is made with only one ingredient:

100% pure fresh New Zealand lamb liver and freeze-dried in the USA. Owners can use special cuts of frozen lamb liver to train dogs. Dogs love the taste of PureBites® because our treats are freeze-dried to lock in the aroma, texture and freshness they crave. Dog owners also love PureBites® because our treats are 100% pure and natural, rich in nutrients, and give their dogs a happy and healthy life.

Feeding method:

As a healthy snack or training aid

Main ingredients:

100% Pure American Sourced and Made Human Food Grade Lamb Liver

Nutrition Analysis:

• Crude protein (minimum) 65%
• Crude fat (minimum) 13%
• Crude fiber (minimum) 1%
• Moisture (maximum) 5%

Freeze-dried lamb liver snacks are made from 221 grams of fresh lamb liver freeze-dried with 68 grams per bag