Super Diet - Natural Organic Detox Herbal Formula 20x15ml

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Natural Organic Detox Herbal Formula consists of 15 kinds of organic plants that help promote bowel movements, help cleanse the skin and protect the liver from toxins. Provide cleansing → detoxification → restructuring and other courses of treatment.

Ingredients Contains: Prune Juice Concentrate, Grapes, Elderberry, Black Radish, Pure Aloe Vera, Water Extract of Thatch, Rosemary, Chicory, Wild Pansy, Mullein, Thyme, Birch, Burdock, Ash Tree, Spiraea*Raw Materials for organic farming


  • Take 1 bottle a day and drink plenty of water for 20-30 consecutive days
  • Ideal before changing seasons or planning to start losing weight
  • Not suitable for pregnant women and children
  • Better results when combined with a balanced diet and lifestyle