Super Diet - Fat Burning Quartet 20x15ml


Satiety - Resist the temptation of snacks Oat bran: High in vitamins, it can absorb 25 times its volume in liquid, making you feel full and preventing calories from being absorbed in the intestines.
Reduce body fat assimilation and increase fat burning. Caffeine, catechin, green tea? (fat-burning effect), guarana (seed caffeine concentration up to 4-8%, burn fat), papaya (decompose fat and protein, eliminate excess meat) transform macromolecules Into small molecules = easy to eliminate fat

Ingredients Contain: Water Extracts: Green Tea, Papaya, Apple Juice Concentrate, Oat Bran Extract, Papaya

Dried Guarana Extract, Maltodextrin, Guarana


  • One bottle (15ml) per day, can be mixed with half a glass of water and shake well.
  • There may be sediment at the bottom of the bottle, which is normal.