Swiss Energy® - Swiss Lycopene Brightening Water Soluble Tablets 20 Tablets Expiration Date: End of November 2023

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Swiss Energy Active Vitamin Minerals & Lycopene Water Soluble Tablets 20 Tablets


. Rich vitamin combination contributes to the normal energy metabolism of the human body
Lycopene helps protect cells against oxidation
It is recommended that you take it when your lifestyle changes, or if you are physically active

Each tablet contains:

Vitamin C 150 mg vitamin B1 3 mg vitamin B2 2 mg vitamin B3 (NE) 20 mg vitamin E (a-TE) 28.68 mg vitamin B6 5 mg vitamin B9 200 micrograms vitamin D3 5 micrograms vitamin B12 5 micrograms carotene 0.5 mg lycopene Elements 200 micrograms Manganese 1 mg Copper 0.5 mg Magnesium 60 mg Iron 3 mg Zinc 3 mg

The product has 9 world professional certifications :

Swiss medical certification
Swiss biometric certification
Organic/Bio Certification
British BRC certification
European iFS certification
ISO22000 certificate

Two origins (Switzerland/EU), random delivery

Alps +Vital for Swiss Energy General agent in Hong Kong and Greater China