Swiss Energy® - Swiss Echinacea Propolis Vitamin C Plus Zinc Nanocapsules (30 Capsules)


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Swiss Echinacea Propolis Vitamin C Plus Zinc Nanocapsules (30 Capsules)

Made in SwitzerlandMade in Switzerland

Contains a variety of natural ingredients


Echinacea is known as one of nature's most useful herbs to boost the immune system
Propolis is a natural antibiotic: it kills bad bacteria without destroying good ones
Vitamin C and Zinc have strong antioxidant effects
. At the same time, it can enhance the body's resistance to infectious viruses

What are Nanocapsules? (Sustained Release Capsules)

Nanocapsules, also known as sustained-release capsules = Capsules that release nutrients slowly to help the body absorb them more effectively

Sustained-release capsules are one of the most advanced innovative dosage forms in the world, specially developed by the nutritional science department of FreiCare Swiss AG in Switzerland, combined with the clinical research of industry-leading healthcare experts, presented in the form of revolutionary pellets with a diameter of about 1 mm spherical granules ; micropellets enclosed in a hard gelatin capsule, the active substance coated with an acid and alkali resistant organic film covering the active ingredient.

Extended-release capsules protect active ingredients

The acid- and alkali-resistant polymer film does not dissolve in the stomach and ensures protection of the active ingredient from gastric acid damage that could affect its action.

The polymer film dissolves in the duodenum, so the active ingredient is protected until it reaches the gut.

Extended-release capsules provide better absorption

Sustained-release capsules release the active ingredient gradually over a long period of time (about 8 hours),

The extended-release capsules ensure better absorption and better tolerance of the active ingredients in our daily diet.

Sustained-release technology guarantees high-potency action throughout the day, scientifically proven to take just one capsule per day .

Sustained-release capsules have better efficacy and safety

Extended release capsules have better efficacy without side effects. Sustained release capsules allow to prolong the effective time of the active ingredients.

Extended-release capsules avoid the risk of overdose and thus achieve a better level of safety.

Sustained-release capsules protect the digestive tract at the same time

Some ingredients can irritate the stomach. Sustained-release technology avoids stomach irritation and reduces the risk of side effects.

Therefore, taking extended-release capsules provides a high level of safety for the digestive tract.

Ingredient list (Chinese and English)

Each capsule contains | One capsule contains:

. Vitamin C - 250 mg|Vitamin C - 250 mg

. Echinacea Root Extract - 50 mg|Echinacea Root Extract - 50 mg

. Propolis Extract - 12.5 mg|Propolis extract - 12.5 mg

. Zinc - 4.5 mg | Zinc - 4.5 mg 


. One capsule per day (do not exceed recommended daily dose)

. Recommended to be taken with warm water

Swiss Energy® has 9 world professional certifications

. Swiss medical certification. Swiss biometric certification. Organic/biological certification. British BRC certification. European iFS certification. GMP
. ISO 22000 certificate

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