Swiss Energy® - Omega 3 & Multi-Vitamin Fish Oil - 30 Capsules


Swiss Energy Wild Deep Sea Fish Oil and Multivitamin Capsules

Contains Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) , multivitamins

Efficacy :

. Omega-3 lowers cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease and vascular disease

Omega-3 fatty acids can prevent the destruction of articular cartilage and inhibit joint inflammation

Omega-3 can reduce symptoms of diabetes

Omega-3 fatty acids can protect the eyes, avoid dry eye syndrome, and reduce the risk of glaucoma

Omega-3s for skin, hair and nails protection

12 Extra Vitamins for Daily Needs

The product has 9 world professional certifications:

Swiss medical certification
Swiss biometric certification
Organic/Bio Certification
British BRC certification
European iFS certification
ISO22000 certificate

swiss made Made in Switzerland