I believe all women who are about to become mothers have understood the nutrition of DHA . How important is DHA ? What exactly is DHA ? Let me explain DHA to you today ~!!


What is DHA ?

DHA is an unsaturated fatty acid, which mainly helps BB's vision and brain development in the first two years of life, and DHA is mainly found in breast milk, fish or seaweed plants. In order for the human body to produce DHA , it is necessary to ingest α - linolenic acid, and the human body will naturally produce DHA .


What kind of people should not take DHA?

If you are sensitive to fish oil and seaweed, it is not recommended to take DHA . At the same time, if you have problems such as immune dysfunction, high blood pressure, high blood fat, liver cirrhosis and liver disease, it is not recommended to take DHA . In addition, if you have been taking birth control pills for a long time, or you have hemophilia, you are also not suitable for ingestion racks. Of course, the most important thing is to listen to the opinions of the project personnel first.


Is it okay to eat a lot of DHA ?

If a large amount of DHA is taken, it may actually affect the metabolism of other fatty acids in the body, which may affect kidney function, blood coagulation function and immune response. There are also related reports pointing out that excessive absorption of DHA can cause loose stools, stomach discomfort and nausea. According to the guidelines of the Food Safety Center, BB can actually absorb enough DHA from breast milk. Most importantly, in fact, there is currently no research pointing out that consuming milk powder containing DHA formula has long-term effects on BB . At the same time, the DHA in milk powder may not be comparable to the DHA contained in breast milk, so breast milk is still BB under normal circumstances. It is best to choose both.


If I can't breastfeed, I have to drink formula milk, what counts?

If this is the case, the guidelines of the Food Safety Center point out that as long as the milk powder contains the same concentration of AA and DHA , and EPA does not exceed DHA , there will be no safety problems under normal circumstances. Remember, remember, yes Under normal circumstances! !



Although studies have pointed out that DHA has a positive effect on the eyesight and brain development of newborn BBs (actual evidence is not much), but I hope that all mothers will analyze rationally, so that BBs have sufficient and balanced nutrition first. Excessive Deifying a certain nutrition and causing BB to absorb insufficient nutrition and appear unhealthy, the loss outweighs the gain.



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