Vegan 不只是一種飲食方式

If you have been to a coffee shop recently, you will vaguely notice that there are gradually more choices of Vegan cakes on the menu, but how can it be called "vegan VEGAN"? How is it different from vegetarianism? Let's take a look at the fundamental and substantive differences between them today.

I believe everyone is familiar with Vegetarianism ( Vegetarian ): basically does not eat any meat, including pork and fish; but accepts animal-derived foods such as eggs, milk and honey.

According to the definition of The Vegan Society established in the UK in 1944, veganism ( Vegan ) is more like a philosophy and way of life that excludes as much as possible any form of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose .

Veganism attaches great importance to the equal treatment of animal life and living environment. Dietary restrictions do not even consume other foods derived from animals. For example: Eggs and milk are not eaten, because hens and cows are confined to lay eggs and milk in small spaces all their lives. The concept of harmonious coexistence with animals is practiced in all aspects of life: do not wear clothing items made of animal fur; do not accept the use of animals for entertainment and work purposes, such as circuses, zoos or guide dogs .

Have you ever thought that the production process of daily necessities, skin care products and cosmetics may be tested on animals? Even the toothpaste you squirt on your toothbrush every day has animal ingredients.

There are very few vegan products on the market in Hong Kong at the moment. As a vegan , you definitely understand that the choices are really limited. Recently, Nordic Naturals finally introduced the Swiss professional oral care brand Dentissimo vegan toothpaste to Hong Kong. This brand was developed by the internationally renowned dentist Dr. Michael Meier , and it has also successfully registered with The Vegan Society ( The Vegan Society ) and obtained Vegan Trademark certification. The main quality standards of the Vegan Association license agreement include no animal ingredients and no animal testing , so vegans can use it with confidence.

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Even if you are not a vegan, you can start to use animal and environment-friendly products in your daily life to build your own sustainable and better lifestyle.

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